The Missing Link

I’ve been going back and forth on whether I should share our story, but there’s just a little voice that keeps nagging me to do it. 

Everyone has their own “conceiving” story, some are good, others are a little bit more of a journey. Ours is pretty unique.  Now this part isn’t the best, but it could have been way different. Ever since I was younger, I thought going to the gyno every year was just something you do, like going to the dentist. No it isn’t pleasant, but hey I was told I had to go. You go, do what you got to do, couple days later you get the “all clear” phone call. Well, last year I didn’t get the “all clear” phone call. I got the “we need to do more tests” phone call. First thing I do is call Lana. I’m sure by now she’s tired of being my personal WebMD, but she’s banned me from googling anything anymore so I just call! She set me up with her Dr in Athens to figure out what to do. I met Jessica and we just instantly clicked. She was like you’re fine lets just do a follow up and I’m sure it will be clear, I promise you don’t have cancer… Long story short (which I think I’ve already made this to long) 2 in clinic tests later, I have A1c1 cervical cancer! Of course you hear the C word and just think the worse! I’ve known so many people who have battled different cancers and they are all different struggles. I ended up having two surgeries on my cervix, but everything came back all clear! Praise God, because it could have ended a lot differently and right now I could be fighting a different battle! The dr had no explanation of why I ended up with cervical cancer, but now I’m being watched carefully and was recommended to start thinking about babies. Babies?! I’m to young for this, not really, but still in my mind it’s like WAIT! 

Rusty was gone 99% of the time between August and February, so it’s like, hey, you’re telling me to have a kid and I can’t do this by myself! He and I decided if it happens it happens, no pressure just whatever happens. Most people don’t get pregnant the first time they try, but when you go month to month, it’s like well I hope nothing is wrong. I’ve seen the struggle of infertility and things people have to do and I don’t think I was mentally prepared for that. One thing in life I need to learn is patience and boy did God put me to the test. Waiting and waiting…. He’s good at that! 

The last couple weeks in June, I knew something wasn’t right. I had indigestion like crazy, stuff just made me sick and I just felt blah! I decided to take a test, not expecting anything, but just see what’s up. Well there it was… 2 pink faint lines… I’m like oh my gosh! No way! So again, the first thing I did was call Lana! Woke her up 6am haha I’m sure if it hadn’t been so exciting she would have killed me! Told me to do it again, I did it again and it showed up in 2 seconds dark as could be! Couldn’t wait to tell Rusty, so I texted him and he couldn’t believe it! So here we are, 3 months pregnant, everything so far so good! 

I didn’t write this for a “oh no, yea this could have been bad” response, but #1 encourage you to go to the dr! You never know! And #2 for people to realize not everyone has a “perfect, first try, fertile mertile” story! Everyone has a unique journey and that’s the key to making life interesting!!! 

Here’s some fun pics so far of our little missing Link!!